Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a day. . .

Before I post the creative idea for the 8th I have to tell you about my day. First thing this morning I took my car to get some new tires for winter, so while that was being done I came back home to begin the "building" of the new loft style beds I bought for my kids. We first had to go to the mattress store to get new mattresses, who knew there were so many. Well, then it was back home again to start getting the huge bed boxes out of the living room, but before I could even start, I needed to remove the ceiling fan from my son's room so he wouldn't bump his head on it since the loft bed sits only a couple feet from the ceiling.

OK, I've never done anything like this before, so I read the directions that came with the fixture and checked out DIY network dot com to make sure I connected the wires right. After the power was shut off in the room I began disassembling the ceiling fan, that was a lot more work than I thought it would be. After I finally got it down it was time to connect the new wires. I got them connected and attached the little plastic cap thingies (wirenuts), put the new fixture up, turn the power back on and hit the switch. No sparks, no smoke, no hissing, so I guess I did it right. I'm so proud of myself for taking on this challenge.

My daughter and I started on her bed, there were a ton of pieces for this thing it came in two boxes and according to the website it weighed 300 pounds. I had these beds shipped across the country from New York, I just couldn't find what I wanted locally in Denver. After we got most of the pieces out it was time to get the car. After picking up the car we stopped at The Blackeyed Pea for dinner. We finally made it home again and got right to work. Well, 6 hours later, we have most of Jordan's bed up and the futon chair that goes with it done. There's still some more to do on hers and then we'll start over on Wesley's.

So I will post the creative idea for today in the next post and pictures of the beds after they're up.

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Anonymous said...

You're one crazy, crafty, ELECTRICAL chick now :)

Can't wait to see the pictures of the beds!