Monday, December 1, 2008

Count Down to Christmas Day One. . .

Along with my 61 days of creative ideas, I'm going to share with you 24 gifts you can make on a budget. With the economy tight these days, every penny helps, so I'm going to give you home made gift ideas using things you have around the house and patterns from the internet. If you do need to purchase anything, paper, adhesive, ribbon, etc, watch for sales, and get things that co-ordinate to make the most of your purchases. The items I'm going to use for the projects were about $20.

Here's the before:

and the after:

I used a peanut butter jar and about 2 sheets of paper, and embroidery floss to create some tags and the jar to put them in. Who can't use gift tags? I saved all my scraps to use on another project. The whole project took me about half an hour.

Tune in tomorrow for another thrifty idea as we count down to Christmas.

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