Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Count Down to Christmas Day Two. . .

Here's the second installment of gifts on a budget. A cute little card and tag box.

Here's a thrifty tip, instead of buying the expensive little jars of flowers at your local scrapbook store, try the flower section at the dollar store. I bought a stem of flowers for $1.00 and it had 24 large flowers (some LSS packs only have 15 in them for 4 times the price). I just pulled them off the stems and pulled the centers out so they would lay flat. I'm using the same paper from the 1/2 priced pad I got at Hobby Lobby, a 1/2 price pack of white 12 X 12, my dollar store flower find, and the off white floss I bought.

The flower centers were punched with a regular hole punch from the office supply store I've had for years.

Here's the link to the box pattern: http://tracysstampinschool.wordpress.com/2008/06/19/stationery-box-tutorial/

Enjoy. . .

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