Monday, December 1, 2008

Office Decorations. . .

The Friday after Thanksgiving, my kids and mother joined me in my office in downtown Denver to help me with the Christmas decorations. Here's the pictures of my office ready for Christmas.

Wreath made from 12 X 12 Hello Kitty paper. Instructions here: under the origami section. Watch the video.

The stocking was purchased from Target.
The tree and some of the ornaments are from Target, the other ornaments are from a store in Park Meadows Mall called St. Nick's. The plush Hello Kitty was made at Build-A-Bear a couple years ago, and the little lunch tin has Hello Kitty Pez dispensers in it. I found that at Michael's.
My supervisor told me I needed therapy, I think he might be right. :-)


JackieS said...

So where do you get Hello Kitty paper? Do they have characters like Sponge Bob? Have I been living under a rock?

Laurie said...


I got the paper at Michael's. They had all their paper on sale a while back so I stocked up on the Hello Kitty. They also have a page kit that's really cute (in my opinion anyway)

Anonymous said...

OMG...You've lost it! Just teasing. Gotta love the kitty!

For Jackie S - yes, they have Sponge Bob paper at Archivers. It's super cute, too!