Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Getting back to blogging

Well, it's been almost a year since my last blog update and I'm ready to get back to posting.  My goal is to post 2-3 times a week.  Life has been a little hectic since my last post.  I was chosen to teach at last year's Close to my Heart Convention and had a little over a month to prep 4 art boards and have a few items for a table display.  It was very crazy.  I would work my day job for about 9 hours then come home eat quickly and work for another 2-3 hours making stuff.  Those of you who make anything know how time consuming that can be.  I was able to get all the pieces done and used almost all the supplies Close to my Heart sent me for the projects.  Convention was a blast and I will definitely try teaching again.  I can make this year's convention due to some family issues but am shooting for 2014.

At convention I was also the winner of two of the "heart" statues given out.  I'll be posting pictures of those soon along with my art from Convention.  It was such an honor to get the awards.  I really wasn't expecting them.  Convention was in July and I drove from Colorado to Dallas to attend.  My daughter and her friend went with me.  It was a long drive, we did it in two days staying in Amarillo both going and coming home.  Soon after getting back we had a guy in my department at work quit so I needed to train the new person, plus figure out what he did and didn't do before he left.  Then the Holidays were here and time just flew by.

I also earned my very first incentive trip with Close to my Heart, a cruise to the Southern Caribbean aboard the Celebrity Summit.  My consultant friend Miranda went with me.  This was the first cruise I have ever been on and I really enjoyed it.  I wasn't crazy about the flying part, as it was only the 6th time I have been on a plan in my entire life and we had to fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico to board the ship.  The trip was Feb 2-Feb 9.  So I'm just now getting back to normal with home and work.

The next few months will be busy as well with my daughter graduating from High School and my son finishing 8th grade, but I have a lot of new stuff I've been making over the last year to share and want to get it up, so 2-3 times a week should be a good starting place for me to get back in the swing of posting.

See you soon...

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